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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

January is National Mentoring Month!
How are you mentoring in real life?

MWM Takes to Twitter for National Mentoring Month       
As you may know, January is National Mentoring Month and to celebrate we are tweeting daily mentoring and Million Women Mentors highlights from each of the states engaged with MWM.  Make sure you follow us @millionwmentors to keep up with all that is going on. We will be using the hashtag #MWMStates for each of our state's features. If you have an event or activity to highlight please send it to

Join MWM for our Partner Call Series: Face-to-Face Mentoring Best Practices, January 19th at 2PM ET
This call will be focused on the first of MWM's Mentoring Pathways: Face to Face Mentoring. We will have a panel of representatives, including Science Olympiad, ORAU, MESA, and MasterCard, talking about their programs and best practices for in-person mentoring, and there will also be opportunities for questions from the audience.

The call will be held Tuesday, January 19th, 2016 at 2PM ET/11AM PT,  and we would love to have you join us.

To RSVP, please contact Erika directly at

Get Engaged & Be Inspired: Thought Leadership Series brought to you by MasterCard Women in Technology
Hear from industry experts as they share their insights and knowledge, designed for all people working in technology (both men and women alike). The goal is to get you engaged, inspired and motivated to continue in your careers in technology.

Breaking Through the Unconscious Bias
We all have it - and yet we don't know how strongly it affects our relationships, interactions, and world view. "Unconscious Bias" is simply the brain's highly efficient way of processing familiar information and applying past knowledge to new experiences. That sounds great - until we get into situations that don't benefit from habitual thinking. Business strategist, leadership coach, and equality activist Ellen Leanse shares her science-backed insights into our very human "blind spots" and offers new For call in instructions and access, click here.
MWM State News
From left to right: Beth Broome - Senior Advisor to the Provost And EVC-UC Davis Stem Strategies at UC Davis, Venita Sivamani - MWM-CA Steering Committee, Sheila Boyington - National States Chair for MWM, Dr. Dane Boyington - Senior Technology Advisor for MWM. 
MWM - CA Kickoff Planning  
Sheila Boyington met with the leadership committee of MWM - CA to discuss plans for the state kickoff event. The team is planning their launch for January 21st 2016, an effort led by The University of California, Davis and the California Commission on the Status of Women and Girls. PayPal is hosting the event. If you are in the San Francisco area and would like to attend, or would just like more details you can check out the Eventbrite. Million Women Mentors is excited to have such an amazing team in California and happy to help them launch their efforts in 2016!

Mentoring Webinar for TN 
On January 20th at 2pm EST, the Tennessee STEM Innovation Network (TSIN) along with Learning Blade® and Million Women Mentors® will be hosting a STEM Mentoring webinar for all of Tennessee. TSIN has provided a free Learning Blade License to all schools in Tennessee and this webinar will cover ways to utilize Learning Blade in your mentorship opportunities. The webinar will also feature ways to connect companies/organizations to students and schools for mentorship opportunities as well as mentor resources. If you would like to learn more or register for this webinar you can sign up through Eventbrite.
Featured 100 CIO/CTO in STEM: Kathleen Brandt
Kathleen Brandt, President & CIO, CSX Technology
Kathleen Brandt is president of CSX Technology. She directs the information technology capabilities of CSX Corporation, a premier North American transportation company based in Jacksonville, FL, that provides rail, intermodal and rail-to-truck transload services across a broad array of markets.
As the corporation's Chief Information Officer, Ms. Brandt supports CSX's strategic objectives through technology and information, and delivers tools and data to maximize excellent service and operational efficiency.
Ms. Brandt joined CSX Technology in 1985 as a software developer, and progressed through positions of increasing responsibility. In 2004, she was appointed assistant vice president- applications development, overseeing creation of innovative systems that supported significant and sustained improvements in safety, customer service and efficiency.

Read more about Kathleen and CSX  on the STEMconnector Blog.
MWM & Women in STEM News
Clearinghouse on Women's Issues session on Climate Change January 26, 2016 - free and open to public
Jennifer Andreassen, Senior Communications Manager, Global Climate, Environmental Defense Fund and Tommy Wells, Director of the DC Department of Energy and the Environment and leader of the DC delegation to the Paris Climate Change Conference will be speaking on women as an underutilized resource and implications of the UN Paris global conference. Meeting is free and open to the public.
Date: Tuesday, January 26, 2016 from noon-1:30PM
Location: Alliance for Justice (2nd Floor), 11 DuPont Circle NW, Washington DC 20036

New research investigates how male university faculty react to research on gender bias
Research repeatedly demonstrates a gender bias in STEM, but some faculty still don't believe it.
The gender gap in science, technology, engineering and mathematics in the U.S. is well documented. Men earn more STEM degrees than women at every level. Even worse, the gap doesn't seem to be decreasing.
If that wasn't bad enough, researchers have given us another reason to shake our heads at the STEM field. Already, studies have found systemic biases against women in STEM including hiring decisions for lab positions, selection for mathematical tasks, evaluation of research abstracts for conferences, research citations, invitations to speak at symposia, postdoctoral employment and tenure decisions.  But all this research likely isn't reaching the people who need to read it most. Ian Hadley of Montana State University and his team found that male STEM faculty are less likely to believe such research, leading them to ask a rather depressing question: "How can we successfully broadened the participation of women and minorities in STEM when the very research underscoring the need for this initiative is less values by the majority group who dominate and maintain the culture of STEM?" Read more here.

Gwen's Girls introduces the world of STEM to at-risk teens
Photo by: Rob Larson
Gwen's Girls is about female empowerment and bright futures, but sometimes girls just want to have fun.
At the North Side Center, younger girls race around desks in a game of tag, braids flying. Older girls, dodging the game, carry their dinner trays to an adjoining room where they pull seats into a circle for a more serious discussion. Kathi Elliot watches as they settle into their evening routine.

"My mother set me up for this," she says with a knowing smile. Indeed she did.

Elliot is the daughter of the late Gwen Elliot, a resilient woman who dedicated the later years of her life to lifting up the lives of the young women of color she saw cycling through the court system. Her mother understood all too well the challenges faced by young women growing up in broken, impoverished families. Born and raised in West Mifflin, Gwen Elliot's own mother died when she was five. Raised by her maternal grandfather and step-grandmother, she grew into a young woman of indomitable spirit, turning barriers to dust as she rose the ladder to success in a field traditionally held by men. Read more here.

Why STEM's future rests in the hands of 12-year-old girls
A recent report by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) took a comprehensive look at gender differences in student performance based on an exam taken by 15-year-olds.
The report found that, although girls often perform better than their male peers - staying in school longer and out-performing them in reading - the top-performing girls continue to lag behind top-performing boys in math and science. The survey report explores possible reasons behind this gap: Importantly, girls report having lower levels of confidence in their math abilities and experience higher levels of anxiety when performing math-related tasks than boys. A higher percentage of girls agreed with statements such as "I get very nervous doing mathematics problems," and "I worry that I will get poor marks in mathematics." This suggests that girls' low level of confidence in their math and science abilities could impact their performance in school and, ultimately, result in their underrepresentation in STEM jobs. Read more here
About Million Women Mentors

Million Women Mentors supports the engagement of STEM professionals (male and female) to serve as mentors for girls and women middle school through careers, allowing them to persist and succeed in STEM programs and careers. MWM is an initiative of STEMconnector in collaboration with over 45 corporate sponsors, 60 partners and 35 state leadership teams.
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