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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Latina SciGirls Project Announced - Texas Engaged

Written by Tricia Berry

I’m excited to share the attached press releases (in Spanish and English) for the Latina SciGirls Project led by Twin Cities Public Television (TPT PBS).

English link:

Spanish link:

The Texas Girls Collaborative Project is proud to be a partner in the program. The effort bring a Latina SciGirls outreach program to Texas using Latina role models, Spanish-language SciGirls episodes, and activities in 2016. In 2016-2017, we’ll use 4 new Spanish SciGirls episodes (featuring Mexican, Latin American, Caribbean and Puerto Rican women working with groups of girls and their families in the southeast and southwestern U.S.) and new Latina SciGirls educational guide activities in an outreach program to girls. The Latina SciGirls project also includes a family evening to share the SciGirls episodes and new role model videos of Latinas in STEM.

Melissa Cigarroa, Lead Educator at Informal Science Learning Associates of Laredo and a partner on SciGirls in Español and SciGirls en La Familia, is serving on the External Advisory Board for the project.

The NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston is also engaged as a key national partner in the project.

Stay tuned for opportunities to engage! We anticipate that we’ll probably go above and beyond what is called for in the grant as the opportunity is great in Texas to spread the great work of Latina SciGirls.