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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Prodigy takes fun math games to a new level

Join over 200,000 other students in a fun math game that was custom-built to teach over 300 crucial skills for Grades 1 - 8.

Design your own wizard

Build your own wizard from scratch and unlock powerful magic as you work your way through the world of Prodigy. Play with friends and compare awesome items in an online math game that's updated every 4 weeks.

Adopt and train pets

Collect unicorns, werewolves, and even a flying tiger on your road to becoming the most powerful wizard at the Academy! Children love pets, and we think they're an absolute must for truly fun math games.

Battle monsters with math

In Prodigy, you can battle over 100 different monsters using math. Defeat dragons with division and fend off fiends with fractions in a free math game where numeracy is your most powerful weapon.

When math games are fun, kids learn voluntarily.

Prodigy is changing what it means to make fun math games by creating an entire world where math is the key to success. Kids are able to play alongside their friends and share their successes in a completely safe environment. It's this social atmosphere that drives students to continue playing Prodigy at home, long after school has finished. In fact, the average student practices math voluntarily for 30 minutes/week on Prodigy for every half hour spent at school! Kids are happy to play and learn on their own time when an online math game is actually fun.

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