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Friday, February 13, 2015

CryptoClub Project is offering a 3-day summer training workshop

The CryptoClub Project of the University of Illinois at Chicago is offering a 3-day summer training workshop for middle-grade teachers and afterschool leaders on June 25-27, 2015.

Cryptography, the science of secret messages, is an intriguing STEM topic and an important application of mathematics.

CryptoClub is a 16-20 hour afterschool curriculum designed to teach cryptography and mathematics to students in grades 6-8. It uses games, treasure hunts, and other informal activities to engage students in learning cryptography and applying middle-school mathematics. The CryptoClub curriculum has been developed and tested with support from the National Science Foundation.

Additional information and an application may be found on our website at:

Registration priority is given to applicants who have their administrator's approval to conduct a CryptoClub program in 2015-2016.