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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Turning the Tides for Children and Families: Success after Super Storm Sandy

Turning the Tides is a series of programs targeting youth in grades K-12. This initiative uses proven strategies to promote healing and increase resiliency among youth and families, equipping them with skills and knowledge necessary to recover from the effects of Super Storm Sandy. Services will be provided, free of charge, in the most storm impacted schools and communities in the following northern counties: Bergen, Hudson, Essex, Middlesex and Union. The following interventions will be offered in the Turning the Tides Program:

Sources of Strength
  • Peer leader program for youth in middle schools, high schools and community-based programs
  • Increases positive help-seeking behaviors
  • Breaks down "codes of silence" and encourages youth to seek adult help when in crisis
  • Decreases risk factors such as isolation and negative coping
Classroom/Culture/Community-Based Intervention Program (CBI)
  • An interactive program for youth in grades K-12
  • Uses music, movement, silent story-telling and other youth-oriented techniques
  • Significantly reduces traumatic stress reactions (fear, anxiety, frustration, depressed mood, sleep disturbances, difficulty concentrating)
  • Increases a sense of safety, self-esteem, and hope
SPR (Skills for Psychological Recovery)
  • A skill building approach for teens, adults and families
  • Reduces ongoing stress from traumatic events through engaging in problem-solving, positive activities, helpful thinking, and building healthy social connections
  • Aims to accelerate recovery by identifying personal strengths and developing additional coping skills
More Than Sad: Preventing Teen Suicide
  • A suicide prevention awareness program for youth-serving individuals in schools and community programs
  • Provides education about factors that put youth at risk for suicide, in particular depression and other disorders
  • Focuses on risk factors, and warning signs for suicide
  • Will comply with the requirements for teacher education in New Jersey
To learn more about Turning the Tides, contact us at: or at: 732-235-2897