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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

STEM Education is Growing! Help us keep the momentum going! Here's how

Thanks to you, we've gained an even larger audience to help increase out-of-school STEM education and create more #MomentsThatClick.

We appreciate all of your help and would like to ask for your continued assistance!

As a registered user of Click2Science, we'd like to ask you to download and attach this web badge to your organization's website. Here are a few reasons to wave the flag:

  • It helps make your organization more marketable: Your staff is teaching youth STEM skills, preparing them to take the science, technology, engineering and math jobs that don't even exist yet.
  • Click2Science is a not-for-profit, funded by the NOYCE Foundation and others.
  • Click2Science is credible. Our lessons and curriculum have been developed by a team of researchers at a leading land-grant university. 
  • Click2Science empowers your staff. And a more empowered staff can help increase a child's retention. 

Visit today to download your own web badge and wave your flag!

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