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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

NOYCE Foundation and STEM Everywhere video series

The NOYCE Foundation is sharing a couple of recent items on STEM in afterschool and out-of-school time. Take a look!

Bright Lights Community Engagement Award Videos
The seven winners of the Noyce Foundation’s Bright Lights Community Engagement Awards worked with videographer Stephen Brown and his team from Mobile Digital Arts to develop these video stories of their work.  You can learn more about the Bright Lights Awards here.  We encourage you to watch and share these wonderful examples of community engagement.
Franklin Institute
Hands On Children’s Museum
Monterey Bay Aquarium
Museum of Science and Industry
Science Museum of Minnesota
Tech Museum of Innovation
“STEM Everywhere” video series on out-of-school science 
Also by Mobile Digital Arts:  a new series on Edutopia showing youth engagement in science in informal settings.  Check out the first three videos and blog posts in this series supported by the Noyce Foundation:
Skate veteran and educator Bill Robertson, also known as "Dr. Skateboard," teaches students who might have otherwise fallen through the cracks about speed, velocity, and momentum at the local skate park.
Eighth-grader Quin uses his passion for electronics to teach fellow students about 3D printing, arduinos, and other hands-on lessons in STEM skills. 
An after-school program at a local science museum sparked high school student Mariah's passion for teaching and learning about science, technology, engineering, and math. Now she thrives in an internship where she mentors middle school kids.