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Friday, October 17, 2014

Girls learn about career paths at STEM program hosted by Somerset County Commision on Status of Women

Nineteen middle-school girls from six area school districts got a hands-on introduction to potential STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) careers at a recent program sponsored by the Somerset County Commission on the Status of Women.

“This was an excellent opportunity for the girls to get a closer look at these specialized career paths in a fun and engaging way,” said Freeholder Patricia Walsh, liaison to the commission. “Too often girls aren’t encouraged to pursue STEM careers. Hopefully this will help expand their interest in these fields.”

Presenter at the free workshop, held at the Somerset County Vocational & Technical High School, was Dana Egreczky, senior vice president of workforce development at the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce.

Each school district in Somerset County was invited to send two girls to this event whom the districts believed would be inspired to improve or show more interest in the STEM areas. One teacher from each school district also was invited to observe, as were parents.

During the workshop, the girls played The Hiring Game. The game focused on the skill sets needed to be competitive in STEM careers.

For more information, contact Commission Chair Jane O’Donnell at 908-234-9302.

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