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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Summer 2014 Fellowships: NASA and Setan Hall University Team Up!

Last Summer, Seton Hall University was granted a New Jersey Space Grant Consortium (NASA-funded) Award for eight Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships. Principal Investigator (PI) of the grant, Professor M. Alper Sahiner of Department of Physics at Seton Hall University has confirmed the completion of the eight Summer Research Fellowship Projects during Summer 2014.
SHU's Summer 2014 Undergraduate Research Fellows are:
  1. Zhane Bell (Mentor: Prof. Marian Glenn) "Space Saving Method fopr Fresh Food"
  2. Luis Cerqueira (Mentor: Prof. M. Alper Sahiner) "The effects of synthesis conditions on the structure and Performance of CIGS Photovoltaic Thin Films"
  3. Christopher Colomier (Mentor:Prof. Sergiu Gorun) "HPLC Analysis and Separation of Catalysts for Environmental Remediation"
  4. Veronica M. Harrison (Mentor: Prof. Jane Ko) "Analysis of STAT3 Status In Neuronal Cells Surviving Under Hypoxic Condition"
  5. Patrick Heintz (Mentor: Prof. Sergiu Gorun) "Electron Deficient Pthalocyanine as Surface Oxygen Complexing Agent"
  6. Darren J Lesinski (Mentor: Prof. M. Alper Sahiner) "Surface Analysis of CdTe Deposited Thin Films on ITO Coated Glass Substrates by Scanning Electron and Atomic Force Microscopy"
  7. Arya Nabizadeh (Mentor: Prof. M. Alper Sahiner) "Structural Characterization of ZnO based Photovoltaic Thin Films under Varying Conditions of Synthesis"
  8. Samantha Reed (Mentor: Prof. John Sowa) "Comparison between known structural isomers of C60[5,6] and a previously unreported structural isomer, C60[6,5,10]"
The New Jersey Space Grant Consortium (NJSGC) was established in 1991 by a grant from NASA. The objectives of the Consortium are to develop programs to further aerospace and STEM education, research, and development in New Jersey. For the 2013-2014 Summer, NJSGC has awarded Seton Hall University eight Summer Undergraduate Student Research Fellowships to administer.

Fellowship Details
The fellowship recipient must conduct research relevant to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) or aerospace and fit into one of NASA’s missions as outlined on the website.

The fellow must be a full-time student at Seton Hall University. A faculty member in SHU has to agree to supervise the research of the fellow. The research will be conducted at SHU for a period of six weeks during June 1, to August 31, 2014.
Seton Hall University had 8 fellowships to award in Summer 2014. The fellowship amount is $2,400 per award as follows: 
  • $2000 stipend for the student (six weeks)
  • $400 laboratory and/or computational supplies
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