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Friday, August 29, 2014

Ridgewood Girls Soccer Team does #ALSIceBucketChallenge in memory of coach Jack Elwood

Written by Jeremy Schneider

High school athletes throughout New Jersey are taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. But the cause has a special meaning for Ridgewood.

The Ridgewood High School girls soccer team took the challenge recently in memory of their former coach, Jack Elwood. Elwood, who coached the team for 15 years, died of ALS in 2010. He donated his body to science and took part in a longitudinal study at Columbia University to help find a curse for the disease.

The team challenged the rest of the Big North girls soccer teams to take the challenge, as well as the Ridgewood boys soccer team.

"Jack was one of the most courageous and inspirational people I have ever known. Jack chose to life his life fully," Ridgewood coach Jeff Yearing said in the video. "Today we're trying to live up to Jack's standard and hopefully this helps. ...Jack, we remember you. We do this for you, my friend."

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