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Monday, April 7, 2014

Journal of Emerging Investigators (JEI) - a scientific journal for middle and high school scientists

The Journal of Emerging Investigators is an open-access journal that publishes original research in the biological and physical sciences that is written by middle and high school students.

JEI provides students, under the guidance of a teacher or advisor, the opportunity to submit and gain feedback on original research and to publish their findings in a peer-reviewed scientific journal. Because grade-school students often lack access to formal research institutions, JEI expects that the work submitted by students may come from classroom-based projects, science fair projects, or other forms of mentor-supervised research.

JEI also promotes the opportunity for students to develop their own research and scientific questions, submit their work, and receive critical feedback from Harvard-trained scientists. In summary, it is the intention of this publication to promote science education in its truest form: by developing questions and thinking about and testing hypotheses.

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